Monday, January 04, 2010

Let the beatings continue!

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lokki said...

Interesting... I didn't know that the EU was banning physical punishment of a child. How very hypocritical considering how brutish and barbaric the collective history of Europe really is.

The amazing liberalism that seeks to utterly abandon the realities of being human just astounds me. If we were to follow the logic of linking physical corrections with violent, aberrant behaviour, there'd be no world in which to sit and pass Utopian judgment. We'd all have killed each other already.

I really think it's another case of knee-jerk reactions, presuming all parental spankings are 100% abuse. The idea of banning smacks (on the behind) presupposes that children are rational, intelligent, mature beings. I agree that there is a transition point were a spanking does more harm than good, but that is based on multiple things: maturity level of the child; severity of the 'offense'; consistency on the part of the parents.

My wife and I agreed early on to reserve spankings for situations where our son did something that could have resulted in physical harm to himself or someone else, or hitting an animal or other person. We've pretty much stuck to that, and haven't had to repeat those lessons more than once or twice for each kind of issue. But we also made absolutely certain the punishment was directly connected to the event, and explained things on an appropriate level.

We've not had to spank him for almost a year, and he's now five. He is very empathetic, sensitive, and thoughtful, without being fearful of reprisal - he 'got it'. Of course, he's five, so still has issues, but nothing that requires a smack on the ass.