Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Tech Blog


I've fired up another blog to cover my fabulous adventures in nerdville. The ramblings there will be related to stuff I'm doing for my business, so it's hosted on my business site -- It's called PathLight, and I'll probably start off with moving some nerdy posts from here over to there when I get a chance. For the three people who read this, if you are technically inclined please consider bookmarking me over yonder.

Scott and I have been discussing the method by which this blog will be blown up and reconstituted. Me not having a science degree and all, I'm thinking dynamite because I can understand the process of lighting a fuse with a match. Scott is probably considering something involving the splitting of atoms.

In any event, eventually I'd like to post stuff here (for myself) that is more substantial and essay-like than stupid stuff -- like blogging about blogging.


Half5K said...

I'm wondering who are the other two who read this? :-)
I'll be sure to bookmark your link. Look forward to reading it.

Unknown said...

Me do