Monday, December 22, 2008

Something I Had To Read Twice To Believe

Officers at the Phoenix police department have been requesting permission to purchase and carry their own semi-automatic weapons for use in the line of duty. It seems that budgetary issues kept them from keeping up with the firepower on the street. You'll never guess who stepped up to the plate to help out:

An unexpected Christmas donation from actor David Spade is expected to provide Phoenix police with enough money to buy an additional 50 semi-automatic rifles for patrol officers in 2009.

The $100,000 gift announced Monday means as many as 300 officers could soon be armed with Bushmaster AR-15s, even in light of recent debates between police and union officials about the availability of the high-powered weapons during the city's ongoing budget strife.

That brings a tear to my eye -- a member of the entertainment elite materially contributing to the cause of improved weaponry for law enforcement. David Spade, you are the man.

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