Sunday, August 24, 2008

Notes from the Mall

Since I've been working from home I go almost three weeks between tanks of gas and hardly ever go anywhere else. I had to go to the mall today, though, to replace the battery in my watch. I haven't been there in eons and had a handful of observations.
  • The Apple store was jam packed with people and wreaked of BO. I didn't get past the front counter.
  • Victoria's Secret. Is not.
  • The last record store there closed. I'm sure the last place you'll be able to buy CDs soon is Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or some other box-shaped store.
  • The lone book store there had a whole section for manga.
  • It's hard to find high-tops at the Foot Locker that are purposed for playing basketball in them.
  • Is it me or is there a serious shortage of fabric for women's clothing?
  • There were two shops which had blackened windows where you couldn't see what they were selling unless you walked inside. Loud music was blaring out of both of them. I'm probably too old to go inside. That and/or my wife wouldn't appreciate it if I did.
  • I did have to go to the Best Buy nearby and noticed they are now selling albums in the store that you download from iTunes. The album art is resized so it fits on the card containing the redeem code. The mp3s are 320kbs. No surprise the record stores are going out of business.

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