Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hellotxt: I Recant

I tried hellotxt for awhile and for the first week or so liked it, until I really started trying to use it and found it to be quite buggy. Wouldn't connect to Facebook after being able to previously. Wouldn't remove services after I told it to. Wouldn't send the status via email. Would not interpret a line break from email with a space (so your update looks like it was typed by a fifth grader). Sorry, but my attention span is just too short to put up with that.

My new status-updater best buddy is You can sign up for the beta and receive an invitation within a few days. It updates all the major social networks and works fairly quickly. It has an AIM bot you can route your status updates through. It updates your statuses/statii/whatever within seconds. It even has command directives where you can send different updates to different services by prepending the sentence with a code corresponding to the particular service. Sweet.

The only thing it's missing is direct SMS support. You can get around this by sending an SMS/MMS to your assigned email address for updating on, but it would be nice to have direct support.

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