Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary willing to take sloppy seconds...

So, after insulting Obama by 'offering' him the vice president spot if he failed to get the nomination, Hillbilly is now scrambling to get her power hungry ass into the White House any way she can.

Anyone smell an assassination attempt?


If Obama selects Hillbilly as a running mate, it's just as bad as if she won the whole thing. Worse, in fact, because she'd be off trying to wrest power away from the spotlight. She'd be even more dangerous as she fucked around, possibly in the same way her husband did. And I do mean every possible innuendo you can come up with for that.

I don't how things work in her world, but where I come from you don't expect many favors from someone you continue to insult and denigrate. Even less to hand over the spare keys. She's a complete mess, and very dangerous to the US. Obama is almost guaranteed to lose the presidency if she goes along for the ride.

Seriously, folks... For everyone who hates Bush and his practices, the Clintons are just as bad or worse. They want to get in and exact some kind of perverse vengeance for not having been in power. They will do it in the name of Democrat solidarity; to "get back" at the Republicans; to take their share of corruption.

I can't imagine how far down the toilet the US would go with another Clinton in the White House.

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