Monday, April 21, 2008

Mecca Standard Time. Mmm-hmm...

Here's a little treat from the BBC: Muslim leaders want to replace UTC with Mecca Time. No, it's not a new dance tune stolen from MC Hammer... they're serious.

Because, you know, you can find the exact center of the surface of a sphere...

One of the citations given as "proof" of Mecca's importance in this regard is a supposed alignment with magnetic north. According to current measurements, there is a declination of about 2.6 degrees, so it ain't really aligned. And, the poles shift over time, even swapping places once in a great while.

So, there's that.

This is delusional at best, and it bothers me that people can supplant reason with religion to this extreme. What's worse is that these same people assume that the rest of the world should subscribe to their ideals without question. They just want validation for their faith and can only do so if everyone plays along.

Ayn Rand's Hank Reardon character in Atlas Shrugged identified this same retarded behavior in a group of businessmen who wanted absolute control. But the control was only as strong as they could convince the population it was. It was illusory and frail, and I see this part of the Muslim world acting in the same childish, fanciful way. They can only get stiffies if everyone around them bows down to their will.

Fuck 'em.

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