Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On the issue of licenses for illegal immigrants

I read this blog entry a short while ago. It talks about issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. More specifically, it tries to dismiss arguments against granting these licenses.

Now, I took a couple of years of debate and logic in high school, so I feel pretty well equipped to respond to some of this guy's comments. Mostly because, no matter what side of the issue you fall, you can't ignore stupidity.

Shall we begin?
Many people say that allowing illegal aliens to obtain state driver's licenses helps them and encourages them to remain illegally in this country.
Yes, I am among them. This point is not refuted anywhere in his post, but it's the opening line. And for the life of me, I can't figure out how this is not true.

Removing the 8 million-15 million illegal immigrants from these databases would only make law enforcement harder.
Pardon? They are not currently in any database. How, then, can they be removed?

They will use fake IDs, buy real IDs from crooked DMV employees - as several of the 9/11 terrorists did - forge "breeder documents" to get real IDs (another 9/11 terrorist trick), or resort to identity theft.
So... if we make it legal for these folks to get real IDs, does anyone think they'll just take the easy route and give real information to the government? But your examples are all of people who intended to commit a crime from the start. Do I really need to spell this one out? Ok, I will... if they intend to use the IDs to facilitate a crime, why should you believe they will give information that will in any way be useful to law enforcement?

Of course, even an attempt to deny licenses to illegal immigrants puts DMV clerks in the impossible position of verifying immigration status.
Um... they don't do it now, except for 'proof' of residency. And that proof is usually a bill that says someone paid some amount to a utility for a given address. So, how is it different now if an illegal immigrant from Mexico steals a bill from someone's mail box, waltzes into the DMV and writes his name down as Frau Tanjorgenstein, PhD? Do you think the DMV agent will give them the squinty eye until they confess? Hardly.

Even more legal immigrants will be mistakenly denied licenses, resulting in lawsuits and additional government expense.
That's just retarded. Legal immigrants are not currently denied, and they don't have to prove citizenship. What you are suggesting is that we would all have to prove US citizenship from this point forward if we choose not to allow illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses.

Some states have considered a tiered license system, one that explicitly lists immigration status on the licenses. Of course, this won't work either. Illegal immigrants are far more likely to take their chances being caught than admit their immigration status to the DMV.
You mean like they do now? So, if we issue licenses, and they get pulled over for a traffic violation, and we find out they are here illegally, what have we gained? Think they will pay their insurance premiums? Hmm??

We are all safer if everyone in society trusts and respects law enforcement.
ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF. Oh, was I supposed to use the abbreviation there? And people call Bush a fascist. Being a libertarian, I much prefer "We are all safer if everyone in society behaves themselves." But that implies personal responsibility, and that CLEARLY can not happen. Moron.

And finally, denying driver's licenses to illegal immigrants will not protect us from terrorism.
Who the hell said it would? We currently do not allow illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses (yet many get them illegally). On the contrary, allowing everyone to have access to driver's licenses floods the system with bogus information. Licenses are not about protection, but control.

Contrary to popular belief, a driver's license is not required to board a plane. You can use any government-issued photo ID, including a foreign passport. And if you're willing to undergo secondary screening, you can board a plane without an ID at all. This is probably how anybody on the "no fly" list gets around these days.
Um... Honestly, I've never tried to get on a plane without my ID. But don't you think that someone on a "no fly" list would go get fake credentials to avoid having their mug searched during the secondary screening? Because the "screening" process when you check in, ass hat, is to glance at the name on the card and the ticket. And even that doesn't always happen. Frankly, I bet with $100 on eBay, I could buy a card printer and be good as gold.

Look, the whole topic is stupid. Giving licenses to illegal aliens won't curb crime, won't help enforcement, and instead creates a burdensome overhead on the legal system. These folks won't pay insurance, and are just as likely to run if they are involved in a vehicle accident because they will fear being deported. IDs can only benefit illegal aliens because it allows them to buy alcohol or get on a plane.

And it sure as hell won't make them safe drivers. Check the drunk driving rates in New Mexico, and then check the arrests against citizenship. Driving without a license is a lesser crime than drunk driving, so that charge is typically dismissed. Drunk driving is not prosecuted on illegal aliens in any meaningful way - they are just driven to the border. Please clarify how giving them licenses would make the roads safer?

What you are promoting, then, is simply to take away their illegal status. And then that opens a whole new can of worms. Open borders? Right... I certainly don't want those sneaky Canadians coming down to steal my cheese.

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