Thursday, March 06, 2008

Going For Broke

I mentioned earlier today that I'm importing my email from Exchange to GMail (more specifically my GMail account on Google Apps) and that I had already moved my pertinent calendar information to Google Calendar.

This week I also decided to switch from Trillian to Meebo. I love Trillian. It has a nice, tight interface that hasn't changed in years and allows you to talk on all the major networks. The pro version is affordable and gives you extra functionality, such as using plugins. Plugins range from email notifiers to a Skype controller.

Meebo I also love. The interface is also nice and tight, and it also talks to all the major networks. And it runs in your browser. Firewall managers who aren't paying attention may block access to the chat network when you use a regular chat client, but they probably aren't on to Meebo. Yet.

If you switch from a desktop client to Meebo just make sure you copy over your Jabber or GoogleTalk contacts manually as those don't seem to be stored on the server. And if you are using your Google Apps account on GoogleTalk, you'll have to do a little DNS fiddling to get it to work right on Meebo.

GMail and GCal allow me to ditch Outlook, the kitchen sink of PIMs and black hole of system performance. Meebo allows me to ditch Trillian, which although nice and tidy is somewhat obnoxious with system resources. All hail the new operating system known as Firefox.

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