Saturday, December 01, 2007

Trivia Photo of the Day

Here's where Lori and I were a week ago today. Of course, there's a big clue in the picture already, so you're going to have to be a little more specific than the name of the establishment.

Here's another clue for you, though: it is where I first started financially contributing in support of the great system known as the U.S. Government.

Scott is not allowed to participate here, as he's going to know it right away.


FS Thomas said...

On a slightly different note, the wife and I were driving around Clairmont Road the other day and saw a McDonald's offering the McRib again.

The sign said "McRib Farewell Tour #3".

Made us both chuckle.

lokki said...

egad... hasn't someone firebombed that place, yet?

Michael said...

Ferris: cool. You were out in San Diego, recently? Wonder if you were there round about the same time I was there.

Scott: Unfortunately. Believe me, I wasn't there sightseeing. Let's just say, I wonder if anybody has statistics on what percentage of a typical McD's foot traffic is there solely on "relief" purposes.

FS Thomas said...

Oh, no, not San Diego. The McRib is ravaging Atlanta, too.

Michael said...

Ah. When you said Clairmont Road... there are a lot of roads named Clairmont or Clairemont running through SD.