Thursday, November 01, 2007

God Hates Fred Phelps

The man for whom the term "jackass" was invented and his church have been ordered to pay almost 11 large to the family of Matthew Snyder, the Lance Corporal who was killed in Iraq and rewarded for it by having his funeral picketed by Phelps and his mentally ill acolytes.

There is also a response by Phelps in a CNN intereview here. My vote is that Phelps is senile.

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lokki said...

Senile? He is the not senile, he's just hateful. Phelps represents the kind of hate no human should ever feel; that of righteous wrath. Leave that shit to whatever God is up there, 'cause no person on the planet has the right.

Worse is that it's a disease... it angers people on both sides and acts to draw the ignorant close, while raising the ire of virtually everyone else. I'm surprised some of these parents, family and friends have not shot this fuck and his ilk. I know I'd prefer to use my bare hands.

What a pathetic waste of flesh.