Monday, November 19, 2007


I followed with great interest the 2007 San Diego fires. The San Diego fires of 2004 narrowly missed the home in Ramona I lived in when I graduated from high school. In fact, it burned the house down across the street. The fire this year, although larger, did not seem to get very close to any of the places I've lived, worked, or schooled at.

It did burn down a place I'm familiar with though. Noting that the fire started between Ramona and Julian and burned due eastward I wondered if it took down the trailer park where my ex-wife's grandparents used to live (I say "used to" because her grandmother died a while back and I'm pretty sure her grandfather would not be alive today... and the street burned down anyway). My father and I went out to survey the damage this past Saturday and we went by the old trailer park. Needless to say, tornadoes aren't the only thing which easily prey on trailer parks. The homes surrounding the park stood up, as well as the community center in the middle of the park which is a regular building.

This photo is what I believe to be the remains of trailer, although I don't remember which one it was exactly. If you follow this link you'll get a panorama of the street my ex's grandparents lived on. You can also follow the map information in the lower right with which you can bring up a satellite view of the area, which (currently) shows the area as it was before being burned down.

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