Monday, August 20, 2007

Classic Cheese

I love YouTube. One of my favorite things to do is hunting down old 80's music videos (and downloading them locally using Firefox and the Ook? Video Ook! plugin), and once in awhile I come across a real treasure.

Such as this music video of "Six Six Six" by now retired Christian rock band Degarmo & Key. I've heard it was the first video by a Christian rock band played on MTV, who subsequently pulled it after it a few plays labeling it as too violent. Amazing to think MTV had a morality filter at one point, and that they chose to aim it at a Christian rock band.

Note some of the great throwbacks in this video:
  • Vintage Apple II computer, featuring 5.25" floppy drives/disks.
  • The Miami Vice getups D&K are wearing.
  • Sky-is-falling dispensational eschatology.

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