Thursday, July 26, 2007

MOSS Install Issue on Windows Server w/SP2

Due to the persistence of my cranial memory being more of the RAM than ROM variety these days, I'm regurgitating this post from SharePoint blogs (I had it starred in Google Reader) because the original post was destroyed in some sort of crash. If I run into this issue again hopefully I will have the presence of mind to search my bookmarks for this post.

MOSS Install Issue on Windows Server w/sp2
by gmoser

I did a MOSS install this week on a brand new box with Windows Server sp2 installed and ran into an unexpected and rather frustrating problem. If this post saves someone else the 5 or 6 hours I lost on it I'll be happy.

So I show up at the client site to instal MOSS on the freshly built box that one of our engineers built for me. The first thing I did was install IIS and from Add/Remove Programs as per normal with any SharePoint install. During the IIS install I was prompted for an IIS file in the sp2 i386 folder which I surfed to on the file system and installed. All seemed well.

Next I install SQL Standard, which will run on the same server for this relatively small company. I proceed to install MOSS using a domain account set up on their SBS Active Directory. Nothing particulary unusual happens as I go through the install and Configuration Wizard. But, when I click the link to bring up the SharePoint Admin site I am prompted for a logon. This is unusual. When I enter my process account credentials for the Admin site, I am repeatedly prompted, whether I click OK or Cancel. I cancel a few more times and eventually get to the Admin site home page.

Long story longer, just about anything I mouse over or click on in the Admin stie kicks up multiple logon prompts, which I can cancel and eventually get to the requested page. Javascipt errors in i.e. indicate missing objects and bad syntax in the code. Odd, and a major pain. I am allowed access to the site and page, but seem to not have access via IIS to some images, css or other resources behind the scenes.

I check the various WSS, SQL and Event logs, but there is nother there. I go thourgh the IIS an file system permissions and can find nothing missing. I am suspicious of sp2 so I uninstall it, but that does not solve the problem (remember this part). I uninstall and reinstall MOSS and WSS a number of different ways, using local accounts instead of domain accounts etc, but I get the same logon behavior regardless of the configuration.

After a wasted afternoon of this I give up the next day and call Microsoft Support and spend a couple of hours on the phone trying many of the same things I had tried on my own the day before, plus a number of other tools Support had me download. No clear answer presents itself.

Finally someone in the room with my support guy says he had a similiar issue they traced back to Windows Server sp2. Turns out that installing IIS on a server that already has sp2 installed can cause a problem becuase the dlls from RTM/sp1 are not compatible with sp2. Now in my case I was prompted to install the sp2 IIS components, but that did not seem to help me. Support (after suggesting we may have to completely reimage the box, which did not make me happy) suggested we try reinstalling sp2 to see if that helps. So I spend 10 minutes doing that (I had already downloaded it), do an IISRESET, and voila, logon prompts are gone, and IIS and MOSS seem to be happy. Today I configured my SSP and created a default site and things are looking good.

If I had only tried reinstalling sp2 early in the process, I would have saved myself a few hours and a call to PSS. But you never know what is going to do it ... you just keep trying what seems to make sense and hope to get lucky.

Okay, this got longer than I expected. To summarize:

Problem: After installing MOSS/WSS on a new server that had sp2 installed (but not IIS), you get inexplicable login prompts in the Admin site.

Apparent fix: Uninstall Windows Server sp2 and reinstall it.

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