Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Men Responsible For My Addiction

These guys perhaps started what today is known as fantasy baseball.

Being from San Diego (where we only had a minor league baseball team called "The Padres") I never really got into baseball. Last year a friend needed one more person to fill out a league and asked if I would play. I told him I don't know a thing about any of the teams, and that I would play as long as he didn't mind my coming in last. The other friend with him assured me that by the end of the season I would know the names of all the players on all the teams by the end of the year.

Unfortunately he was correct. I ended up coming in third, and in the same league this year I'm currently first in my division, second overall at the halfway point. Oh, and it's one of three leagues. I'm first overall in my second league, and seventh in my third (note: never autodraft in a league if you care about winning).

I skim some 30 blogs every morning (and throughout the day) for fantasy news, as well as visit a couple of the larger sites and each of the league sites. Fortunately I'm not the betting type or I would have an even larger problem on my hands.

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