Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Los Alamos through the eyes of CBS

**explicit language warning**

I'm no real fan of news media... it's run by people with opinions, who are too self-important to extract those views to report objectively.

So imagine my reaction as a LANL employee to the following from CBS:

When Jessica Quintana wanted to sneak classified material out of the nation's top nuclear weapons lab, the biggest outrage is how scandalously simple it was.
Excuse me?

The article blames lax security at LANL for this crime of treason. We've had our problems, but let me make this perfectly clear; the problem is ALWAYS PEOPLE. We don't need more regulations, strip searches, or constant review. What we need is:
  • The fucking FBI to step up and take responsibility
  • Humans to take their jobs seriously
  • SEVERE punishment for this ignorant bitch
The FBI is completely silent on this. Why? Because they know they are the ones who gave this moron a clearance. She lived with a drug dealer, was very young, and clearly not too bright. She didn't take her job seriously, and put the country at risk. The Federal Bureau of Incompetence should have actually investigated her, and followed up. She should not have been hired by the subcontractor, either. She had no previous work experience, and no education beyond high school. Great choice, fellas. By the way... lie detectors don't work.

The people who are granted clearances are supposed to be inherently trustworthy. Any security system anywhere ultimately relies on trust, nothing else. We have to trust that people do their jobs with integrity, and that they know what it means to violate that trust. In the case of LANL, it has to do with national security. Does anyone think your average 18-year-old kid from a local underachieving high school has ANY FUCKING CLUE about integrity, security, or impact to the nation? Now add in that she's a local with serious entitlement issues.

Jessica Quintana should be put in Levenworth for a decade. She maliciously mishandled classified information, which is TREASON DURING WARTIME. Her hiring official should be out of a job and fined. Her manager should also be on the street. LANL should be smacked for allowing a subcontractor to hire such idiots.

And then there's CBS. Who the hell are they to blame LANL entirely? They make her out to be a hero. Listen up; she hurt America. SHE did it. Jessica Quintana, uneducated self-entitled minority, thought it was OK to do what the hell she wanted *knowing* she was committing a federal crime. That data belongs to the American people, and she compromised it, with full intent. Rather, with full disregard. She's not some victim, she's an ignorant criminal.

So CBS thinks they will sensationalize the story by cutting in scenes of control rooms and flashing red lights. Are they now run by the National Enquirer? What other cheap tactics could they have used to heighten drama and intentionally skew the story? Perhaps a shot from Dumb and Dumber?

Dear CBS: Fuck off and die. Thanks for playing.


Michael said...

CBS. Communist Broadcasting System.

Their handling of this doesn't surprise me considering their sparkling work of Rathergate and the total non-story of Bush's NG record.

Still, must be doubly infuriating when it's your own place of employment they are tarnishing and not just some poor sucker you see on the evening news.

lokki said...

If we want to take a step back, let's blame brother and sister America: Gladys Kravitz; reality TV; people whose lives are so boring or unfulfilling that they have to sit in judgment of others just to make their own existence bearable.

People want dirty laundry, and they don't care how badly it reflects on anyone, even themselves. They need to convince themselves that someone else is more stupid and worse off, because it makes them feel more normal in their own dysfunction. The press wants to make money, and sex is banned from network TV, so they go to the next basic human need; to not feel so bad about one's own shortcomings.

Good God... how did I become so cynical?