Friday, February 16, 2007

Prepare the Ship For Ludicrous Speed!

Well, after 16 years of being gainfully employed I've decided to go to work for somebody who I know fairly well but is a real piece of work -- myself.

A little over a year ago I left Pharmedica Communications (RIP) to take a position with CASE Partners, Inc., a small IT consulting shop in downtown Hartford. Over the past year I've gotten to work on a couple of fun projects, but these past few months have presented a confluence of outside opportunities from people I used to work with. It's one of those things in life you have to try out, so last Friday I took myself off the CASE, so to speak.

My first couple of projects are about as different as it can get. I'll be working on a brand spanking new SharePoint installation at one site, and on the other side I'm working with a colleague to develop a database API for a courseware authoring environment. These gigs should be enough to float me over the course of 2007 and also afford me enough time to build a couple of other ideas I've had over the years (and try to sell them, of course).

My last day at CASE will be next Friday the 23rd. I'm leaving on good terms with them and will still work with them on projects here and there if everything pans out. If the freelancing gig doesn't work they said they would gladly take me back, so I guess it's good to have a safety net of sorts.

The name of my new venture is LightPath Solutions, LLC. The health benefits there are going to suck (at least initially) but the vacation, sick, and personal time benefits are going to be really good. My email address and all that is changing. If I haven't already notified you, send an email to one of my many old addresses and I'll send you the new one.

I'm anxious about getting out on my own, but I think it's going to be a fun ride. Hopefully my next blog post about this venture won't be from the unemployment line!


Koyanadel said...

The Schwartz is strong within you.

Anonymous said...

"Now you will see that evil will always triumph... Because good... is dumb!"