Saturday, December 30, 2006

So All May Eat

SAME, a cafe where the patrons can pay for their meal with what they can afford - a lot of money, what they have in their pocket, or time spent washing dishes or weeding the organic garden:

These pay-as-you-can cafes have missions that are unapologetically altruistic—call it serving up fare Robin Hood style. "Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy, organic food while being treated with dignity," explains Brad Birky, who opened SAME with his wife, Libby, in October. Customers who have no money are encouraged to exchange an hour of service — sweep, wash the dishes, weed the organic garden — for a meal. Likewise, guests who have money are encouraged to leave a little extra to offset the meals of those who have less to give. "We're a hand up, not a hand out," says One World owner Denise Cerreta, who prides herself on the fact that everyone can afford a meal at her cafĂ© [1].

[1] Time Magazine Online .

Folder Size for Windows Explorer

Display folder sizes right in Windows Explorer with this nifty little download.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Win A Million Dollars...

...from the maker of The Million Dollar Homepage. He has a new venture called Pixelotto, where you essentially buy pixel space as on the prior site. Users hitting the site register with it and agree to click at least ten ads a day. Once the ad space is sold, an ad is chosen and a winner is chosen from the list of end users who clicked on that ad.

Genius, again. The ad makers get clicks, the end users get entered into a lottery, and the site maker makes money.

The Idiot Proof Website

See if you can figure out how to use it.

Silly String

The weapon of mass undestruction.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

So This Is How They Celebrate Christmas Here

I'm currently on loan from my employer to a company in need of some extra nerd help. I arrived at my desk this morning only to discover the decapitated head of Santa Claus sitting on my desk. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vending Machine Fast Food

My dreams of a vending machine world are coming true as self-serve kiosks are being trialed at fast food joints in my old stomping grounds.

As I'll be out there in a couple weeks I may have to give this a try.