Monday, October 23, 2006

English Airs

The Missus and I have headed out east for vacation and celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary. We actually came out this way on our honeymoon, flying into Heathrow near London and visiting parts of the countryside (including the Cotswolds) and then spending a couple nights in London before headed to Paris. This time around we've flown into Manchester, which is in the northern part of England and are spending time in a few of the national parks in the area, including Snowdonia which is actually in Wales.

I'm currently leaching somebody's high speed wireless connection from our current bed and breakfast location, so I don't know how much access I'll have over the rest of the vacation. I will, however, try to post our comings and goings. Seeing how I'm already a few days behind, I better get on the stick.

Oh, and there should be copious amounts of pictures via Flickr. Hopefully.

I am Michael Vickers, and I approve this message.

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