Monday, May 01, 2006

Wait... a day without WHAT??

MSNBC has this provocative headline:
Nation braces for a 'Day Without Immigrants'

Eh... am I missing something? The problems along the Mexican border have been brewing for a very long time, and it's always been about illegal immigrants. Somewhere along the line, we have not only lost the term illegal, but have apparently made 'immigrant' synonymous with 'Mexican'.

There is only a single mention of someone who is not of Latino descent, somewhere in New York. I bet his papers are in order.

Immigration is the flavor of this country. Not just Mexican or Latino, but Irish, Itialian, Serbian, German, French, Viet Namese, Chinese, Japanese, Cuban, Canadian (still with me?), Russian, blah blah blah. You name the country, we have a legal citizen or approved visa to represent them. I'm sure we also have varying numbers of illegal immigrants from most of those countries. But the issue here seems to be solely one of Mexican workers who want to be granted all the rights and privileges that others fought hard to obtain. All for the price of crossing a hellish desert.

So, we have a day without immigrants. I guess that means virtually every single American citizen should take the day off, too. Except, of course, native Americans.

I wonder if hospitals will see a roll-off of patients during that time? Will schools that serve lunches miss students that otherwise don't attend classes, anyway? What about the state assistance lines, whose checks come in on the first of the month? Will those who cross the border tonight bother, or even know about the efforts which are, ostensibly, to protect them?

More importantly, will my lawn get fertilized tomorrow?

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KO said...

WORD! or should I say "Palabra" actually, it's "VERDAD"