Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Somewhere, Some Village... missing their idiot.

There is a new idiot in town. My best buddy from high school, Scott Valentine, will be blogging here at idiotsyncrasies. For all three of you folks who read this, that will only mean more of the same, general tom foolery that you've grown to put up with. Yes, yes, what benevolent power in the universe has thought enough of you to grace your web surfing with this little gift.

I graduated with Scott at Ramona High School in 1989 and had more than half my classes that year with him -- economics, civics, physics, and AP English. He graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in fizzix and scored a gig with Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is licensed to handle "nukular" materials. And Macromedia Flash.

Scott is an accomplished guitar player, disc jockey, fencer/fencist/fencepost (whatever the heck they are called), shooter/shootist, photographer, and web site designer. He is married to the lovely Carla Valentine and has a young son, Austin.

Scott is one of the few people on this planet to have witnessed my first marriage, and thanks to advances in modern psycho-therapy he's been able to stifle his Pavlovian dry-heaving reflex when he hears "Love of a Lifetime." He was the first friend to welcome me back to the human race when that little fiasco of my life ended. Indeed, I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth during that time, but we picked up our friendship after that as if nothing ever happened.

I have no idea what he's going to post, but we all know the quality of this site can only go up. I'm excited to have him write here for all three of you and the Google crawlers. When I get a chance I'll update some of the crud on the right hand side of the site with his information.

Welcome, Scott!

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lokki said...

Well, thanks for that austere and glowing introduction! But allow me to clarify some things...

I've had surgery to help with the Firehouse song. Specifically, I inserted ice picks in my ears at high velocity. Repeatedly. Now I'm good.

As for the quality going up, I can only say that *something* is coming up, and if you want to call it 'quality', that's ok with me. Just put the toilet seat down when you're done.


I suppose it's about time for me to blog something. Maybe it should be something about blogging...