Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whoops. Stan Bubrouski thought he was just being clever when he chose "" as his text messaging address with Verizon in 2001. Turns out some companies use that address as a test address for their SMS applications, and his account has been turning into a garbage dump of test and/or lost messages:
Bubrouski said he was just being clever when he signed up for a Verizon vText account with the user name 'null,' after his parents bought him his first mobile phone during his freshman year at Northeastern, in 2001.

'I've been paying for it ever since,' Bubrouski told eWEEK.

Bubrouski's new vText account didn't just hook him up with his friends, it also opened the door to a blizzard of unsolicited messages from individuals and companies that, for the last five years, have unwittingly forwarded reams of data to his phone."

Some of the lost messages include reminders of various types, OnStar messages, and all manner of sports scores from ESPN.

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