Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blogging goals - Plush Logic

I notice Mike has lots of trendy links to cool stuff, promoting the viral model of information distribution.

I, on the other hand, like to ramble.

Blog. Blogging. Blogged. Bloggers. Say it enough, and it starts to sound really weird. Why doesn't it just sound weird right off the bat? It's a contracted, squished, and thoroughly beat-up form of 'web log', and has now been used in virtually as many ways another popular four-letter word. Instead of an eptithet hurled by cromagnon pundits, it's being used with such frightening regularity, that it's been in Webster's dictionary since 2004.

Why do I point this out? Who knows. But I have a suggestion on how to measure one's popularity as a blogger. It's not the comments or links, but of the proliferation of a unique idea. Start something, someone picks it up, references are made, and you have your 15 microseconds of fame (with inflation, 15 minutes is out of the question). Since I have no unique ideas, I'm going to steal one from a friend of mine.

Plush Logic.

Yep, you heard it here first. Unless you are one of those people who know the person to which I'm about to refer... Uh...

Anyway. Plush Logic. Let me define this as best as I can, given that it's been weeks since I last heard the definition. Plush logic is the kind of management logic that allows trained business people to make asinine decisions based on poor assumptions, inferior critical thinking skills, and just plain wishful thinking, usually despite good information from knowledgable sources. This is in contradistinction to 'fuzzy logic' which is uses good math to make vague choices.

Imagine a plush toy running your organization. That should give you a solid understanding of how to use this phrase.

So my goal is to have you good people (all three of you) start using this phrase whenever possible. Point to this reference, link to us, tell others to link here. Credit one Dale Gerlach with the coinage, early 2006, Southern California. Let's see how unpopular we are! Maybe we can get Merriam-Webster a new entry :)

I'm pretty sure we're the first to post this, so keep checking Google to see if we get any hits. As of this publication, there are exactly none.

You have been crawled.

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