Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goodbye Mazda Valdez

After 10 years of faithful service, I bid goodbye to the Mazda Valdez B3000. The odometer had over a 169k miles on it, but after correcting for oversized tires it was probably closer to 190k. It had gotten to the point where the repairs required to keep it running was more than the truck was worth. Rusted out oil pan, depleted rear brakes, sticky transmission, leaky coolant system, and gas mileage that only an oil barron could love...

Ye olde B3000, as she was the day after I first moved to Connecticut...

...and the legacy she kept leaving...

...and leaving.

Well, she's going to a good family close by where I'll be able to keep track of her and make sure she's being treated fairly. They have a handy-man in the family who can keep up the maintenance on her.

In the meantime, we've acquired her replacement.

It's a Ford Ranger rather than a Mazda B series truck, but it's the same thing more or less. 10 years newer, larger engine (4 liter vs. 3), more horsepower (207 hp vs. 140), and an automagic instead of a stick (so the Mrs. can drive it). The xtra-cab area actually has suicide doors, so getting junk back there is easier. There is a bed cover to reduce the tailgate-air-brake effect, and it's power everything inside. Swell!

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