Friday, September 02, 2005


Rocketboom, a popular video blog, is generally good for some nerdy news and light left-of-center social/political commentary. On Thursday they took an apparent shot at a personal dramatization of the Katrina disaster.

The commenters are weighing in, and it doesn't look pretty. A little sampling:
"Do you think this is funny? To turn what's happening in New Orleans into a reality t.v. show?? Or is this an audition tape to show off Amanda's acting skills??"

"Why do people use times of crisis to bring out the horrible drama theatre?!"

"What's most disturbing about the piece isn't the lack of judgment and tact displayed; it's how self-serving the whole thing seems."

"I thought I had seen it all with the way the network news exploited people's pain for their ratings. Then I saw this..."
Ouch. And that's not even halfway down the comments list yet. Sure, there are some artsy-fartsy positive comments in there, but on the whole I'd say that this little piece is receiving an enthusiastic thumbs down.

Me? I got through about 30 seconds before killing it. Maybe there is some art value in dramatizing this event on a personal level but, seriously, I'm getting the picture watching real victims scream and cry on the television each night. This may have seemed like a good idea in the muggy studio of an apartment somewhere in New York city, but, well, I'm thinking of a word... it rhymes with crap, sounds like crap, and is spelled just like crap.

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