Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's Really For Your Convenience

From Poland, and now to Portland. Law enforcement is figuring out ways to keep tabs on you and your vehicle, and a new device is being introduced to folks in Oregon which will report emissions violations to roadside monitors, which will then prompt a little warning to the offender to fix it or ticket. This is supposed to save you the hastle of taking your car in for emissions testing.

Are they going to use it for keeping track of speeders? Well, of course not:
The head of Oregon's Vehicle Inspection Program says that he's not interested in using the infrastructure to issue speeding tickets. Officials on the east coast made similar claims regarding the E-ZPass system which does use transponder technology to monitor speeding. The automated toll transponder is used to issue warning letters and cancel the contract of "frequent" speeders.
No, he's not interested, if you're really meaning he's chomping at the bit, actually.

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