Friday, September 30, 2005

E = mc2

The author of The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene, pays tribute1 to the hundred year anniversary of Einstein's famous equation:
In the far, far future, essentially all matter will have returned to energy. But because of the enormous expansion of space, this energy will be spread so thinly that it will hardly ever convert back to even the lightest particles of matter. Instead, a faint mist of light will fall for eternity through an ever colder and quieter cosmos.

The guiding hand of Einstein's E = mc² will have finally come to rest.
Now that's a happy thought. Fortunately my molecules will have long redistributed before that.

[1] Via the New York Times. Try BugMeNot if it's asking you to log in.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Dr. Z Said

Sports Illustrated's Paul Zimmerman (aka Dr. Z) on Jeremy Shockey's bellyaching about Tom Coughlin's tough meeting rules:
So what is the hot follow-up story we get in New York, in the wake of that 45-23 massacre? Shockey, the tight end and renowned intellectual leader of the Giants, moaning about coach Tom Coughlin holding out wideout Plaxico Burress for a quarter because he came late to a couple of meetings.

The Giants always have been a team of whiners, going back to the Jim Fassel days when Michael Strahan & Co. were popping off every 20 minutes about some indignity or another. But this Shockey thing, which captured banner headlines in the New York tabloids, was the topper.

Hey, Shockey, if you really want to help the team, why don't you grab your widedout [sic] by the throat and tell him to get his ass into the meetings on time?
Bingo, we have a winner.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lot Did WHAT?!

I don't know what translation this guy was reading from, but I'm guessing it's one of those "newer" ones.

Via PunditGuy

Friday, September 23, 2005

Numark PT-01, Desert Tested

Me being an old, decrepit gas bag and all, I don't get out to raves[1], disco's, or other parties that often where entertainment is provided with a record player. Especially ones that are happening out in the desert. One fine DJ, however, picked up a pair of the PT-01's for use in the Burning Man festival. Or campout. Or event. Whatever it is. And it looks like they did the job well.

Mine is holding up quite well still.

[1] What IS a rave, anyway?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

RIAA Strikes Again

If they only spent half as much time producing and promoting music that didn't suck! RIAA is now pushing to copy-protect digital satellite radio.

Next up, copy-protecting humming.

I Feel Bad For You Jim, But Get Over It

Jim Haslett, head coach of the New Orlean saintsgoes ape after losing a "home" game in New Jersey:
They could have done that anywhere... they could have played that game in Baton Rouge. They could have played it in San Antonio and could have done the same thing. To play it in Giants Stadium, to give them another home game and to put us in a situation where we couldn't hear... It wasn't why we lost that game, but ...
...but you guys got your butts whipped. I doubt if this were an actual "away" game that you would have been fine with the outcome.

Be thankful you're playing football and not having to dig out of that hell hole that is your home.

Hydrogen Now. No, Really.

Joe Williams Sr. Remember this name, as he may be the first to market with a widget which creates hydrogen from distilled water for your car. It's powered by the engine in the car, but returns the hydrogen back to the engine, reducing emissions to practically nothing and increasing gas mileage by more than 10 percent. And it cures gout.

It's Really For Your Convenience

From Poland, and now to Portland. Law enforcement is figuring out ways to keep tabs on you and your vehicle, and a new device is being introduced to folks in Oregon which will report emissions violations to roadside monitors, which will then prompt a little warning to the offender to fix it or ticket. This is supposed to save you the hastle of taking your car in for emissions testing.

Are they going to use it for keeping track of speeders? Well, of course not:
The head of Oregon's Vehicle Inspection Program says that he's not interested in using the infrastructure to issue speeding tickets. Officials on the east coast made similar claims regarding the E-ZPass system which does use transponder technology to monitor speeding. The automated toll transponder is used to issue warning letters and cancel the contract of "frequent" speeders.
No, he's not interested, if you're really meaning he's chomping at the bit, actually.

I'll Take One of These

5 panels wide, 2.5 inches thick with a resolution of 19,200 x 2, 400 pixels. It's the Athens monitor from Liebermann, Inc. Mercifully, I could not find pricing as it doesn't seem to be available yet.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

More Solid State Goodness

BitMicro seems to carry a line of solid state hard drives. Offerings from their home page currently include rugged transit units as well as desktop units, up to 155 GB. Most of their wares seem to be tilted to the military sector, but I'm sure if they can seperate you from your cash then you can have one of these in your computer as well.

I couldn't find pricing online, although I'm sure it would be a decision between buying one of these and a two year old Honda Accord.

The End of the World

It's scheduled to arrive at 9:15 AM on June 1, 2014, the day my brother turns 39. According to scientists at NASA's Chandra X-Ray observatory, there is a "Chaos Cloud" headed our way at the speed of light. A few of the encouraging quotes:
"...the total annihilation of our solar system is imminent."

"Just imagine our galaxy the Milky Way as a beautiful, handwritten letter. Now imagine pouring a glass of water on the paper and watching the words dissolve as the stain spreads."

"It's like watching a helpless hog being dissolved in a vat of acid."

"If it continues unchecked, the chaos cloud will eventually reduce our galaxy to the state of absolute chaos that existed before the birth of the universe."
Ah, yes, another side-effect of global warming and not signing the Kyoto treaty. Well, with that I bid you all a happy and joy filled week.

Note: for what it's worth, this story is located in the "Entertainment News and Gossip" section of Yahoo.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fuel Powered MP3 Player

It almost seems like an April Fool's joke, but Toshiba has a prototype of an MP3 player that runs on methanol fuel cells.

Monday, September 12, 2005

R.I.P., Man In Black

I don't want no aggravation when my train has left the station,
If you're there or not, I may not even know.
Have a round and remember thing we did that weren't so tender,
Let the train blow the whistle when I go.

On my old guitar sell ticket so someone can finally pick it,
And tell the girls at the Ritz I said hello.
Tell the gossipers and liars I will see them in the fire,
Let the train blow the whistle when I go.

Let her blow, let her blow,
Long and loud and hard and happy let her blow.
No regrets, all my debts will be paid when I get laid,
Let the train blow the whistle when I go.

You'll be left without excuses for the evil and abuses
Down to today from years and years ago.
And have yourself another toke from my basket full of smoke,
Let the train blow the whistle when I go.

Let 'er blow, let 'er blow,
Long and loud and hard and happy let 'er blow.
No regrets, all my debts will be paid when I get laid,
Let her blow, let her blow, let her blow.

The First Digi-Cam

Created by... Kodak?

Apparently they developed a prototype in 1975 which weighed a scant 8 lbs, took 23 seconds to record the 64 kilopixel image onto cassette and another 23 seconds to play it back... onto your television. It only took them 26 more years to get a digicam onto the market.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Goodbye SonicStage

Various outlets are reporting on the imminent death of SonicSage, that lovely piece of crap software that I love to hate. Sony is replacing it with a piece of software called Connect (which is also the name of their online music service), which looks a lot like iTunes.

The thread seems to indicate that there may be a chance that MiniDisc units will not be supported by the new software which would signal the end of the format, in my opinion.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Separated at Birth

US senator and preventer of civil rights Robert Byrd, and former stand-in senator for Naboo, galactic emperor and dark lord of the Sith Senator Palpatine.

Come To Portland

We have a little sale going on...

Friday, September 02, 2005


Rocketboom, a popular video blog, is generally good for some nerdy news and light left-of-center social/political commentary. On Thursday they took an apparent shot at a personal dramatization of the Katrina disaster.

The commenters are weighing in, and it doesn't look pretty. A little sampling:
"Do you think this is funny? To turn what's happening in New Orleans into a reality t.v. show?? Or is this an audition tape to show off Amanda's acting skills??"

"Why do people use times of crisis to bring out the horrible drama theatre?!"

"What's most disturbing about the piece isn't the lack of judgment and tact displayed; it's how self-serving the whole thing seems."

"I thought I had seen it all with the way the network news exploited people's pain for their ratings. Then I saw this..."
Ouch. And that's not even halfway down the comments list yet. Sure, there are some artsy-fartsy positive comments in there, but on the whole I'd say that this little piece is receiving an enthusiastic thumbs down.

Me? I got through about 30 seconds before killing it. Maybe there is some art value in dramatizing this event on a personal level but, seriously, I'm getting the picture watching real victims scream and cry on the television each night. This may have seemed like a good idea in the muggy studio of an apartment somewhere in New York city, but, well, I'm thinking of a word... it rhymes with crap, sounds like crap, and is spelled just like crap.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mazda Concept Car to Use USB "Key?"

Mazda concept car Sassou is supposedly going to use USB flash drives for keys.

Neat, but considering my recent luck with flash technology my Mazda Sassou would be sitting ineffectively in my garage for prolonged periods of time.

Joining the 3 Bucks Per Gallon Club

40 bucks to fill the Green Machine last night. Never thought I'd see the day.

Scott's neck of the woods is going through a bit more of a gas problem right now, and popular blog (and neighbor to Scott) VodkaPundit discusses similar experiences.

New Orleans, Before and After Pictures

Satellite photos provided by DigitalGlobe, via CNet.