Sunday, August 07, 2005

Terminal Stupidy: A Week Later

There are all of 3 people that read this blog, so you may or may not know that I had an unfortunate altercation that involved my innate talent of being a moron, a tennis net, and some asphalt. The last time I tried that little trick I was probably about ten pounds lighter, and maybe ten years younger.

The damage -- a really skinned up right knee, two skinned palms, a fractured right radius and a really sore left arm. Somehow I stuck a four point landing, with my palms, knee, and face making simultaneous contact with the asphalt. The skinning on my palms is the digging up chunks of flesh variety which, I'm proud to report, are healing up quite nicely.

The knee skinning has been a process of gooing up the wound with Neosporin and wrapping up with gauze and ace bandage. It's doing much better. I'm glad my face avoided all of this somehow. Or maybe I can't tell!

Ah, the broken arm. The radius is one of the two bones that constitute your lower arm. The other one is the ulna. The humerus is the bone in your upper arm which falls in the hinge joint created by the head of the ulna. The other bone, the radius, is kind of along for the ride and sits next to the ulna. Both run from the elbow down to your wrist, and apparently cross over when you turn your palm up. You can see some illustrations of this here.

Apparently the force of the impact on my right palm shoved the radius into the humerus, which cause a small fracture in the head of the radius about 1mm x 3mm. Small, and at first it didn't hurt much until it started swelling up. Fortunately there was nothing to set, and after an ortho visit I was prescribed a sling and some Rush Limbaugh pills in the event of much pain. And no driving. And some physical-therapy exercises.

The first day or two after the incident movement of the arm was pretty limited. I couldn't turn my palm up, I couldn't stretch my arm all the way out, and I couldn't compress my arm and touch my right shoulder with my right hand. I measured progress over the course of the week by what I could do with my right arm. At first, only a thumbs up (or other form of hand gesture), the application of deodorant on the left pit (don't worry, my left hand can reach it), the application of hair gel, etc. I still have a little ways to go, but I think I'm doing just fine. Twisting my palm towards the heavens still doesn't feel too good, though.

My left arm has been sore the entire time, mostly in the lower arm, and that pain appeared to be somewhat muscular in nature. It's sore when using the left hand, but prodding around the arm didn't cause any pain. I could always make snapping noises with my left elbow by extending it quickly, but now it appears I can make it snap every so often by quickly compressing it.

It was with a little bit of suprise when I found my left elbow blossoming on Friday. I had not noticed it the earlier in the week, so it must have been a delayed reaction of some sort. This picture illustrates the majority of the bruising which is on the inside, but the bruising goes all around the elbow itself. You can kind of tell from the photo album I've posted. (Note: not for those with a weak stomach.)

It doesn't really hurt around the elbow for the time being, so I'm curious as to what caused it. Hopefully I won't have to find out the hard way!

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Anonymous said...

Smooth move, Sir!

"Stuck" the landing, or "sucked" the landing? Both seem to work...