Sunday, August 28, 2005

Prepare to Pay

Hugh Hewitt, on the possibility that Katrina drives gas to four bucks a gallon:
High gasoline prices are the result of decisions made by legislators. It is that simple. Congressmen decided to put in place the laws that have led to these prices, and to the higher ones ahead. They have chosen to cripple refinery construction and domestic oil exploration.

The "they," by the way, are overwhelmingly Democrats. Not exclusively. There are a handful of Republicans who don't mind you paying $3 a gallon and more, soon to be $4 a gallon.

But the vast majority of Republicans want to make new refinery construction easier, and new oil exploration --beginning in ANWR-- lawful.

In fact, the ANWR vite will be coming up soon. You may want to call your elected representatives and ask how they will be voting and what they will be doing to get new refineries under construction.

Me, I wish we'd get all the smart people in the room to figure out how to make fuel out of water (you know, hydrogen and oxygen) instead of figuring out how to get our trailer park space equipment back up into space.

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