Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Going Green May Mean Going Glowing Green

Wired has an article on how nuclear energy works. The explanation is sufficiently dumbed down for idiots like me.

They throw in an interesting punchline at the end:
The average price for a pound of "yellowcake" uranium in 2004 was $12.61, according to the Energy Information Administration.
Gee, the latest Britney Spears1 CD or a pound of yellowcake.

[1] I used her as an example, of course, to try to generate traffic from search hits.


KO said...

So, Gamma rays can for mutations....Dr. David Banner!

Anonymous said...

current price is $29.00

Sparky said...

Nucular Fizzicks 101. Gee Wally, I feel so smart now, I think my head's gonna explode.