Thursday, May 19, 2005

Minh-Duc over at State of Flux takes Andrew Sullivan to task for some of Andrew's recent comments on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Quote:
It is constructive to criticize for the purpose of improvement. After all, the reputation of our country is at stake, my reputation as well. But I have a feeling that your criticism is not of the constructive variety. It is not constructive because you believe in the phantom theory that torture is policy and that our soldiers are prone to behave in a cruel and malicious manners. I am offended, and no doubt other soldiers are as well. I have offered a year of my life to the service of my country; and in that year, I have acted honorable as any American would. Shame on you to think otherwise, shame on you!
The blogfather also has issues with Andrew. Somewhere after the election I got to the point where I just couldn't read Andrew anymore. I think he got rather upset over the states that voted against gay marriage and started viewing a lot of his politics from that angle, even if there didn't seem to be a relation.

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