Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Meanwhile, in Elma, Washington students at a local high school are taught how to make crystal meth by the local law enforcement in conjuction with the chemistry class:
She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.

Grays Harbor County sheriff's deputy shows class, "And the reaction will start occurring down there and start bubbling up."

It is part chemistry class and part drug enforcement as a member of the Grays Harbor drug task force talks to Elma High School students about making Methamphetamine.

Deputy shows class: "Then you'll have a little bit down at the bottom, the white stuff, and that's your meth."
There's your meth kids. Now go get 'em. The best I ever got to see in chem class was sulfuric acid reacting with copper.

[1] Via PunditGuy.


Anonymous said...

As a fireman/medic I have had a class on meth taught by law enforcement personnel. They showed the materiel/poisons used in the manufacture of Meth, but at no time did they give a demonstration. Our class was to teach us the danger we face on a daily basis when responding to calls of fire or medical nature. Both have became extremely dangerous due to the spread of Meth. Also if you can locate a meth unser, look into their eyes. They have burned their soul out of their brain. Probably the closest thing to a zombee you will ever see.

slavster said...

I think this is great approach of teaching. Knowledge of that sort is available all over the internet. Why should be censor what we learn in school and not what we can read on the internet? Either way, we can gain that knowledge. Why not learn it from people we can trust like teachers. I mean they are just showing some chemical reactions. They are not encouraging us in any way to use it or sell it. That's what business is for, the root of all evil. I'm also 100% sure that none of these kids will actually go through with this because first of all, these are very complicated chemical reactions that involve years worth of understanding and the meth will also take about 36hrs to completely brew. I am positive that none of the kids will go through with it. We all know how lazy this new generation is.