Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hacking the Prius

Some folks are adding plugs (for charging) and modifying batteries in their hybrid cars, with claims of over 100 mpg.[1] Toyota's response is lame:
"They say this is the next great thing, but it just isn't," said David Hermance, an executive engineer at Toyota. "The electric utilities really want to sell electricity and they want to sell it to the transportation sector because that expands their market. They have an agenda."
Yeah yeah, the electric companies really want to sell electricty, oil companies really want to sell oil, and Toyota really wants to sell cars.

While 100 mpg is intriguing, isn't the idea of plugging your car in just moving fossil fuel consumption somewhere else? Like at the power company?

I think hybrids are just a short term, trendy solution. The answer is hydrogen, where BMW has a leg up on everybody.

[1] Use this if you don't have a NYT account and can't be bothered with registering

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