Saturday, March 12, 2005

Under God

Although I started reading this right after we received it at Christmas from my Aunt & Uncle, I just finished it last week. Yep, I'm one of those people who read 12 books at the same time and finish about 3 of them a year.

I'm generally wary of any attempted reflection or wisdom imparted by members of the entertainment industry. This one is written by Toby Mac and Michael Tait, members of the popular Christian market rock band DC Talk. Despite my wariness, I found this an enjoyable read.

The book is a collection of vignettes about various people who helped shape the America we know today - George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges, Harriet Tubman, on and on and on. There are 60 of these stories. Not to fear, for they average about 6 pages each, which really helps out with my short attention span.

In each of these stories the authors make a tie between the actions of the person and the person's faith in God. Through each story they make a case for the founding of America on strong Christian beliefs.

I am woefully ignorant of our country's history, so there was nothing that could jump out at me as patently false. If nothing else it whet my appetite for learning more about the historic characters of our country.

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