Friday, February 25, 2005

Very Belated Vacation Photos

The wife and I went to San Diego for the holidays to visit the parents and some friends. Unfortunately she had to be back at work for New Years weekend so she came back early. In all, a good time away except for my wife not being there for half the trip, and a real crazy string of cancellations with family & friends I had planned to meet.

Here are a few selected photos from that week. I would have had them up here earlier but some idiot left his camera back at his parent's house.

We arrived Christmas eve and opened presents LATE with Mom, Dad, Charley, Dave, Lori, and myself. Christmas morning a chunk of my Dad's side of the family came over.

Christmas day at the Vickers' residence. L-R: Aunt Pat (the white puff of hair, with Uncle Earl hiding back there somewhere), Dad, Cousin Rachel, Cousin Robin (Rachel's mom), the lovely Lori Vickers, Cousin Matt (Robin's son), Mom, and Charley.

New Years day Mom headed out for a round of golf in the morning. I caught back up with her at Chi's house. Chi's family (the Luong's) are long time friends of my family. Although I never went to school with them, they lived a few streets away and we (my brother and I) would take turns playing baseball or football on each other's street.

Kaylee, Ho's daughter. Ho is Chi's oldest brother.

Chi's son Miles preparing to qualify.

Another shot of Miles.

Ho, assuming the New Year's day position.

The gang. L-R: Mike (Chi's Husband), Chi, Mom, Miles, Mike's mom, Dao (Mrs. Luong), Peter (Chi's younger brother), Kaylee, Anh (aka John, Chi's older brother), and Long (Mr. Luong).

Tanker, Mike & Chi's other baby.

Tanker photographs well.

Tanker snickers at a funny joke.

The day after New Years we went to see the Chargers play the Chiefs.

Modest tailgating before the Chargers / Chiefs game. Mom making the yummies here...

Charley eating the yummies...

Dad, Charley, Mom, Dave (long time friend of the family), and me.

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