Monday, February 14, 2005

Mmmm... Coffee

The wife and I declined to put a coffee maker on the wedding registry when we were married a few years back. Mine worked perfectly fine and I'm loathe to get rid of stuff that works.

Well, it had recently come to my attention that our coffee maker was becoming, what's the word, SKANKY. The much-generous in-laws gave us a gift certificate to Williams and Sonoma for Christmas, and we ended up getting one of these.

- Grinds and drips all in one shot. Put the beans and water in, hit the go button, and then there's coffee. The grinding process can be bypassed in favor of your already-ground coffee.
- The coffee comes out HOT, and uses a metal carafe as the "pot" instead of a glass jug. This keeps the coffee hot for a long time without using a hot plate.
- Auto timer. This will also induce the grinder if needed.
- It includes one of those copper filters, or you can use paper filters instead. The copper filters allow a little coffee dust goodness into the brew, which (to me) makes a stronger, better tasting cup of coffee.
- It's a good looking unit.

- Cleaning everything after each use. Including the carafe and copper filter, there are 6 pieces of coffee maker to clean every time. The largest pain is cleaning the grinder - the steam from the brew goes back up to the grinder and tends to make coffee dust stick to everything. Getting to the grate of the grinder is a bit of a an inconvenience.
- It only makes 10 cups.
- That very first time you make coffee using the grinder scares the coffee right out of you. I mean, I thought I would press the On button, the machine would politely wait for me to leave the room, and then it would start grinding. Uh, no. It comes on right away, and it's a little loud. It also has a little bit of a bagpipe whistle to it at times. If you're Scotish, maybe that gets listed in the "Good" section of this review.

In all, a good spend. Thanks Mom & Dad! We'll keep the other coffee maker for our not-so-distinguished decaffeinated guests that come by.

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