Wednesday, February 16, 2005

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

The Register is reporting that Sony's Connect music service is going to offer up AAC encoded tunes (the same format that iTunes uses) for an upcoming Sony Ericsson phone that will have iTunes support built in.

Connect is built in to Sony's hideous jukebox software SonicSuckStage. I've recently tried out buying music from the site through SS. It's somewhat seamless (although the download mechanism looks like an afterthought), but does not offer you a choice of which ATRAC format you want (ATRACplus vs. regular ATRAC) or a bitrate. You end up getting your tunes in 132kb/s ATRAC, which is fine if you have tinnitus and listen to your tunes while jackhammering the airport runway.

What I'm really interested in is if my HiMD player/recorder is going to be upgraded so that I can listen to AAC files (which would be an answer to this). With the recent rumblings of possible MP3 support, it would be nice if Sony finally got something right.

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