Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Fox Watches the Hen House

Remember trying to get rid of all that spyware off your computer and running across some horrendous junk called "Gator" that brought you suprise pop-ups on your computer even when you weren't surfing? Remember the makers of Gator getting sued for hijacking ads on websites? Remember when they threatened libel lawsuits for calling their junk spyware?

The "Chief Privacy Officer" of Claria Corporation, the folks that brought you the abomination known as Gator (or GAIN) has been appointed to the Department of Homeland Security. Swell.

Is this the Department of Homeland Circus or what? Choicepoint, the genius' who handed out the personal information of about 145,000 folks is also a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security.

I heard that Connecticut was one of the states that had the most records compromised, so I guess I wait around for the foreclosure notice to go up on the house.

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