Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Neither Here Nor There

I'm currently sitting in a Best Western somewhere near the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. My connecting flight to Hartford took off without me due to our plane getting away from San Diego a scant* bit late. Of course, the airline I flew on (hint: think recovering alchoholic) isn't allowed to pay for any of my invonveniences because it was weather related problems and "not our fault," so they offered me a reduced rate here and a small travel bag (lacking a clean set of underpants) as a consolation prize.

I was determined to write the all powerful rant on how the airline industry is going in the commode when I got to the room, but upon reflecting on still how relatively cheap it is to move your cheese from one end of the continent to the other and how they usually get you there in one piece, I decided to cool off.

Still, I think this is the final straw in my loyalty to this brand. Between my wife and myself we have enough mileage points on our branded credit card accounts to circuit the earth a couple times, but the next eligible date for flying is February 29, 2005. Besides, there are other airlines out there that apparently lack the "gotcha" pricing policies - a little here for bags over 50 pounds, a little more here for changing the date for your ticket, and God help you if you need to fly somewhere next week and haven't purchased the ticket yet.

For tonight, I'll console myself with listening to the new Willie Nelson album on the new MiniDisc recorder, watching Driving Miss Daisy on whatever movie channel is going on in the room, and catching up on my blog reading.

* Where scant is roundly equal to 105 minutes.

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