Friday, December 31, 2004

Make Mine An R32

Via Jalopnik:
After three full years of declining sales in the US, VW, in need of rescue, turned to a novel marketing gimmick: free insurance for a year. Company executives won’t comment on the alleged program, which some dealers in Illinois and Wisconsin say will be offered on Golfs, Beetle coupes and Beetle convertibles in February and March 2005.

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MD1 said...

I agree VWoA (VW of America) lost quite a bit of profit last year some said 33% that's pretty huge.
Now that finaly they decided to get us the new models, they are no longer competitif in terms of prices, let's not talk about financing and leasing offers they give us.... I am at my 3rd VW(a golf) friday I will have the inspection done to return the vehicle, I ve been told 2005 Golf and GTI will be here by March but I feel like stupid paying 400 a month without insurrance that's the price of 3 american cars same size if not bigger. I love VW but they r not doing enough right now plus it's not a luxury car....I think this year will be a come back to american cars, sorry VW not enough incentive to keep customers like me. Frankly when they smaked me with a $250 termination fee for a car I m dropping at the dealer, I lost it. Sure my business is not valued and I m being screwed on long VW, even a european part german can't stay with u!